What is Index Mexicali ?


The Mexicali Maquiladora  Association is an enterprise department founded by the export  maquiladora industries in Mexicali IN 1978, which memberhip is absolutely volunteer, having its mission, vision and values established clearly.


Its Objetives Are:
  • Represent the interest of its associates.
  • Perform actions to get the best outcome of the operations of its members.
  • Interact in Harmony for the official accomplishments.
  • Get involved actively to get benefits in the community which is developed in.



Consultantship in:

Custom, migration, social security, housing, environment issues, maquila programs and permissions, labor issues, fiscal issues, Transport.


Agencies for our Associate:

Local and Federal Governmental dependencies related to the previous aspects, and representing , agency in private and official companies.


Our Contact at Federal Level:


The National Council of the Industry Assembly plant of Exportacio'n (CNIME) is located strategically in CD of Mexico, which allows to offer to our affiliated companies a program of Agencies, through wich they can make their transacts: Permissions before Specific Sectors, Register of Importers and RFC, Permissions of Import of Energy, Registries of Companies Certified, Letter Entrust of Empowered and Customs Agent Addition of Carriers, among others.


For all these we have consultantship, follow up, of all the requirements, avoiding with this , that our associates have to go personally to make them, and make an unnecessary cost for traveling and honorary fees.


Information and guidance on time about: 

  • New Rules, Agreements concerned to our sector.
  • INDEX Council Activities.
  • INDEX and CNIME meetings
  • Other meetings where INDEX is involved.
  • Troubles or situations related to this sector.

This service is provided by e-mail, telephone, fax, t.v., press or directly face to face.


Immediate response to problems (national and local):

  • Customs.- Red codes, urgent imports in extraordinary schedules, importers list, and specific sectors, fast procedures, (Administrative Customs Procedures-PAMAS, virtual orders, yellow codes, certificated company).
  • Migration.- FMN permissions, passport appointments, special permissions to get into U.S, Sentri Line Program, Consulate procedures, Foreign Relations Secretary’s- SRE procedures).
  • Housing.- Improve procedures to get housing requirements and seize.
  • Social Security.- Bring forward appointments (program surgeries, studies, special treatments), specials apparatus obtaining and specials medicaments, incapacity documents, audits visits, specials requirements.
  • Fiscal.- Returns of procedures (taxes) FEA appointments, federal registration procedures, big tax payers procedures.
  • Environment.- Special import materials permissions, audits, job accidents handling hazardous materials.
  • Labour.- Demands, declarations on strike, specific information, special personal requisition.
  • Maquila Permissions.- Cancellations, renewals, annual reports.
  • Other.- Suppliers (materials, buildings), human resources, safety, transport, energy import, water.


Training Events and Works Meetings

  • Workshops, seminars about environment, custom, fiscal, labor, social security, migration and housing, among others related to the official accomplishments.
  • High Level Training to improve operations of members. (Manufacturing resources planning, Six Sigma, Inventories Managment, Costs reducing, Stategic Planning, Time Management among others).
  • Meetings with government representatives for information and sponsorship of our associates.


Social & Sport Events

Sport Tournaments, such as Fishing tournament, Golf Tournament, Bowling Tournament, regional Sports Tournament, Winter & Summer Tournaments(Soccer, Basketball, Voleiball, Softball) Domino Tournaments, Annual Supper of General Manager and Queen of the Maquiladora Industrie  Ball, for all of the workers of the associate companies.


Employment Agency

We have an updated data base of supply and demand.


Requirements to Register


The requirements to get register in Index-Mexicali-AMMAC are:

  • Be integrated as a legal company.
  • Pay the Annual Membership fee.





Calzada Manuel Gómez Morín no. 2038, Colonia Rancho La Bodega, c.p. 21379 Mexicali, Baja California


Teléfonos: (686) 552 2173 y 554 01 79


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